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Our Products

"Gluten-free Meat Products With One Exception!"

Except for our Bison Jerky, all of our meat products, including hot dogs, sausages and burgers are gluten-free.

Meat Products

Please review our list of products below. Can't make it to the store? We deliver overnight by courier to most parts of Ontario. Call us at 905-688-4570 for details.

Click here to a complete list of our farm-raised game meats.

Click here for a complete list of our traditional meats.

Pet Food

We carry a variety of bones for raw feeding or for your pet's chewing pleasure. Our assortment includes duck, chicken (both ground and whole), beef and venison. All come from animals that were raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. We also carry antler chews cut from the antlers of the deer raised on our farm. They have not been treated with chemicals to clean them, but are left in their natural state. Our supply is limited and seasonal.

Arden of Garden Preserves

We carry a wide selection of preserves made from the vegetables that are grown in our market garden. Our vegetables are grown sustainably and, for the most part, organically. Using very few other ingredients, like vinegar, salt and lemon juice, our preserves capture the true flavour of the vegetables picked at the peak of their ripeness. Our tomato juice, passata, pasta sauce and salsa capture the real taste of a tomato at its prime. Our yellow tomato juice and passata are like sunshine in a bottle! Our various pickled products like dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, cucumber relish and beet relish are deliciously crisp and tangy.

White Meadows Farms

We carry a variety of maple products like syrup, kettle corn, dressings and sauces plus popping corn grown right at White Meadows Farms.

Niagara Try Dry Dried Fruits

We sell an assortment of Niagara-grown dried fruits like apple and pear slices, dried peaches and apricots. The apple slices are dipped in lemon juice to preserve their colour, but otherwise no sugars, oils or preservatives are used in the drying process.

1226 St. Paul Street, West, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada